Cardiovascular & Pulmonary

Helps patients with limited activity tolerance who may benefit from physical therapy.
Developing a physical therapy plan of care giving consideration to the cardiovascular demands of exertion for patients with either primary or secondary cardiovascular problems.

Sports Physiotherapy

Is the specialized branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. Sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries. Athletes normally require high level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Sports physiotherapist help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems. it not only demands therapy for athelethes but can manifest in other individuals who simply play for leisure or begginers & especially young school children.


Physical therapist help elderly patients achieve or maintain high levels of physical health as they age by focusing on ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, and joint soreness.We evaluate each patient and design a custom activity and exercise plan that will allow the patient to remain as physically fit and active as possible.

Womens Health

Helps identify your internal issues tht may become embarrasing if not given attention.Incontinence is not a disease but a pelvic floor weakness which your physical therapist can teach how to deal with & improve your quality of life.


When the nervous system is damaged, it can affect various gross and fine motor activities that hampers daily activity of an individual. By knowing your ailment we can help you provide the right physiotherapy by understanding your limitation & help you set Goal.
The idea behind will be to make your life a better place to live in more actively.


Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is oriented towards the treatment of Musculo – Skeletal ailments. It involves regaining appropriate health and function of structures surrounding the Joint regions and normalizing the Biomechanics following any injury or Orthopaedic disease. The rehabilitation of Orthopaedically disabled individuals is also a major area of function.This will identify Impaired posture, muscle performanece, joint mobility , connective tissue dysfunction,motor control,inflammaation & other injuries related that may be primary or referred.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy involves stretching, gross motor skill exercises, and muscle strengthening. Typically, the therapist uses forms of play to keep children motivated. He or she may also use games and toys, depending on the activity and area of trouble. A therapist focuses on the child and maximizing efforts to help the child learn to overcome difficulties. Common areas of focus include coordination and balance, climbing and riding, and navigating obstacles.Deficiencies in coordination and balance control are important aspects that keep children from falling easily. Some children have difficulty determining the relation of the body to the amount of support the body provides, resulting in balance deficiencies. Other children cannot control movement in a coordinated manner. To help in this area, pediatric physiotherapy may involve the use of a large exercise ball in activities.Generally, motor coordination, range of motion, or strength are deficient areas that cause this problem and can be addressed with pediatric physiotherapy.